Shadows & Light (2006)

1. Simple Plan
2. Better World
3. That's When I Feel Loved
4. You'll See Angels
5. There's No Easy Way To Say Goodbye
6. Young At Heart [w/ Kim Mitchell]
7. Whispering Your Name
8. True Love Street
9. Shadows And Light
10. Already Gone
11. Mandy

Inside Out (2004)

1.When You're Good You're Good (Major)
2. You'd Better Go (Major)
3. I'm Still Looking (Major)
4. My Brother and Me (Major)
5. Just for Old Times (Major)
6. I'm Alright (Major)
7. Last Peaceful Place (Major)
8. The Face of Love (Major)
9. Nothing But Alone Again (Major)
10. Backroads (Major)

444 (200)

1. Right Here, Right Now (Major)
2. One True Love (Major)
3. Why Don't We Stay Home Tonight (Major)
4. It Breaks My Heart (Major)
5. Thinking 'Bout You (Major)
6. Wouldn't It Be Nice (Major)
7. One of the Lost and Lonely (Major)
8. Like Our Love (Major)
9. Side by Side (Major)
10. Oh, Sister (Dylan/Jaques)

Everything's Alright (1997)

1.Feelin' Kinda Lucky Tonight (Major)
2. Somedays are Better (Major)
3. You Can Trust in My Love (Major)
4. Long, Long, Dawn (Major)
5. I Keep on Driving (Major)
6. Thank the Lord for the Nightime (Diamond)
7. Heaven is (Major)
8. St. Valentine's Day (Major)
9. Alone in the Night (Major)
10. Everything's Alright (Major)
11. Where Does the Time Go? (Major)


Lucky Man (1996)

1. Someday I'm Gonna Ride in a Cadillac (Major)
2. Waiting on You (Major)
3. Runaway Train (Major)
4. This Crazy Heart of Mine (Major)
5. (I Do It) For the Money (Major)
6. I Can See Forever in Your Eyes (Major)
7. Tell Me Something I Don't Know (Brown/Major)
8. It's Lonely I Can't Stand (Brown/Major)
9. Solid as a Rock (Major)
10. Lucky Man (Major)
11. Remember the Alamo (Bowers)

The Other Side (1995)

1. I'm Gonna Drive You Out of My Mind (Brown/Major)
2. I'm Somebody (Brown/Major)
3. It Can't Happen to Me (Major)
4. I'm Here (Brown/Major)
5. Running in the Red (Major)
6. Life's Too Short (Shlitz)
7. Nobody Get's Too Much Love (Major) 8. Walk Away (Major)
9. The Other Side (Major)
10. I'll See You in My Dreams (Major)